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Technology - A Creative Agency



Ad Box DOOH has developed State of the Art technology that is all set to revolutionize DOOH market.

Our Platform provides cloud-based media management and is capable of managing and controlling digital signage across multiple-screens at different geographical locations. Our Platform further has capability of supporting heterogeneous screens of various sizes and types. It can support LCD displays, LED displays, RGB LED Video walls, Touch displays, Android Tablets of any size.

Further, our Platform supports rich media formats and supports following type of content:

  • 1. Videos
  • 2. Images
  • 3. Websites
  • 4. RSS Feeds

Imagine a world where billboards dynamically display ads targeted to each individual as they’re walking past them. Imagine ads sold in real-time auctions dynamically, and displayed across the city (or country) in a matter of minutes. Imagine a world where outdoor real-time marketing is really real-time, and billboards change dynamically depending on the time of day or weather condition. DOOH offers some of the advantages of the technology used in online display advertising, such as targeting and enhanced traffic data.